The most optimal resume and how to achieve it


How to achieve the optimal resume

The format we use to make a resume is not just our business card, it is our main “tool” to get work and only the most optimal resume that captures the attention of the employer will get to the second step of the selection process: the job interview. That’s why we have to pay attention to the key details and we should not take the presentation and structuring of the cover letter lightly. When we are ready for our career change, we want our resume to present us in the best light possible. When writing the cover letter of the resume we should take into account the person who will receive and read it, as the first impression we make will be the extremely important.

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Ingredients of a good resume

An optimal resume needs a great foundation

A good resume should base all the information on what you as a professional can contribute to the company, highlighting what activities you could perform according to your preparation and skills. You should ask yourself, what are your professional skills that fit the position you are applying for? Highlight them. When making a resume we have to try to convey that we have the experience and/or training necessary to produce concrete results. Of course, we should always convey in the cover letter our strongest attributes and professional experience. Some examples could be the successful coordination of a work team, the direction or development of a research project, the objectives achieved in previous jobs, etc. Of course, we should always choose the appropriate resume layout depending on our level of training and/or experience.

An optimal resume should be flexiable

If you are applying for your first job and your resume lacks experience or a student curriculum the main information you should highlight when creating a good resume is educational studies completed or in progress . It is important to highlight – if possible – high averages, awards received, and – in case of being a young professional – postgraduate courses, scholarships, and all the data that account for your educational experience and training. When considering how to make a good cover letter without work experience, we must not forget that it is possible to be successful highlighting in the resume your desire and enthusiasm to work, that everything else can be learned. This desire to contribute and improve must be reflected in our cover letter to help compensate for the resume lacking real work experience.

Another point to remember when creating a good resume is to ¬†emphasize the skills that make you different than other candidates. For this you must study your own strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. Try to emphasize the characteristics that would connect with your targeted position. If the hires are not aware of these characteristics of your profile as a candidate, the longed-for personal encounter in a job interview may never happen. Therefore, when considering how to make a good resume we must be very clear what skills, training and / or professional experience to highlight and make our cover letter attractive to the company’s point of view.

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