Data Analyst Resume Sample

The Data Analyst Resume Sample

In the course of widespread internet and cloud data, the analysis and visualization of data has become a key to many company’s success. It is advantageous not to shy away from dealing with data, even without previous training as a data scientist. This article gives tips on how to create a resume for a Data Analyst.

To start, here is an example of a typical job listing for a Data Analyst:


• Data analysis and processing of complex contract and customer data
• Matching of external data with contract and customer data of the own customer management system
• Support in the identification of potential analyzes
• Execution of business process analyzes
• Development and provision of internal support tools
• Checking of reports based on data warehouse analyzes
• Creation of database systems/maintenance and extension of the existing database and monitoring systems
• Conducting quality examinations


• Completed university or college education or training with work experience
• Very good MS Office knowledge
• Sound knowledge in MS Access desirable VBA programming
• Sound knowledge of practical application in spreadsheets and databases
• Structured, careful, self-responsible and quality-conscious work style
• Willingness to flexible working hours
• Responsible and independent work
• Analytical thinking and action
• Reliable, team-oriented and communicative personality
• Business knowledge d exchange ideas with other newcomers or professionals.

Sample Cover Letter

Dear Mr. X,

Data analysis and editing are not just routine tasks for me. Rather, these are activities that I have mastered with particular joy and that decisively shaped my educational path. That’s why I’m highly motivated to work for you as a data analyst.

In my studies of statistics and demography, I always had to independently collect and process data as part of statistical modeling. I have a consistently professional and quality-conscious attitude in this regard because only a good foundation in data analysis creates good results. I also enjoy programming with statistics software, which I used to support especially complex data sets and filters.

I have deepened my knowledge through several internships. During my 5-month internship at the Normandy State BCE Office, I compiled a tabular and graphic summary of the business register clients in MS Excel. As part of a new legal form coding in the register I also performed database queries with MS Access. I have been able to prove my ability to work as a team member in this practical application.

During my work at the Richard Pikes Center for Demographic Research, I was primarily responsible for data collection. I researched various sources, determined thier quality and timeliness, and saved all the information in Excel. In addition to a high personal commitment, I was brought up a quick mind and worked independently.

I see a job with you as an opportunity to be able to implement my preferences professionally. I could start work immediately. My salary expectations are at a great monthly salary of XXXX.

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